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Streedagh Strand

Turn left just as you enter Grange and follow the signs. Long sandy quiet NW facing beach which has small to mid sized waves. Needs a good swell to produce decent waves. A lot of rocks have been thrown on the beach from a storm during the winter (2004/2005) and the waves have been reported to have suffered also.

Swell Report

Station 62093 - M4 - Donegal Bay
Updated: Wed, 18 May 2011 14:27:19 UT

May 18, 2011 1400 UTC
Location: 55N 10W
Wind Direction: W (270°)
Wind Speed: 27.0 knots
Atmospheric Pressure: 29.80 in (1009.2 mb)
Pressure Tendency: +0.04 in (+1.5 mb)
Air Temperature: 47.7°F (8.7°C)
Dew Point: 41.4°F (5.2°C)
Water Temperature: 52.5°F (11.4°C)

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What's it like!

Great fun break and takes alot of the over flow from Bundoran and Strandhill, popular with kite surfers, bodyboarders and sea kayakers. So it can be busy during the summer. When swells are really big in Autunm and Winter the bay cleans up and delivers some really inspiring lines. Loads of great spots arond here to.

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Beginner (grom)
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Lunatic Big Waver